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At the conclusion of each assessment process the IPCC generally reflects on the report preparation process and draws lessons to inform consideration of the IPCC's future work programmes and processes. In this context it also addresses questions such as mandate of the IPCC Working Groups, structure and scope of future reports, and timing of IPCC products.
At its 37th Session (Batumi, Georgia, 14-18 October 2013) the Panel initiated a discussion about future work of the IPCC. In preparation of the Session governments were invited to submit their initial views on which topics and questions should be addressed with respect to the future work of the IPCC. The Panel at its 37th Session decided to set up a Task Group to help the IPCC to continue to improve its operation and products. The Task Group will develop options and recommendations for consideration by the Panel on future products of the IPCC, the appropriate structure and modus operandi for the production of these IPCC products and ways to ensure enhancement of the participation and contribution of developing countries in the future work of the IPCC. The Task Group will draw on multiple sources, including input and submissions from scientists, governments, observer organizations and other relevant stakeholders.
The process will be completed at the 41st Session of the IPCC (first half of 2015) when, according to IPCC procedures, the Panel will have to agree on size, structure and composition of the next IPCC Bureau.

  Recent decisions, documents and ongoing activities

Ongoing Activities

  • IPCC-XXXIX/Doc. 15: First progress report by the Task Group on the Future Work of the IPCC
  • First meeting of the Task Group, 6 April 2014, Berlin
  • An informal meeting of the Task Group will be convened in Yokohama on Tuesday 25 March 2014 during lunchtime.


Decisions and Documents

  How the IPCC addressed the matter in the past

IAC Review

In the year 2010 the InterAcademy Council (IAC) carried out an independent review of IPCC processes and procedures upon request by the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and the IPCC Chair, Mr. Rajendra K. Pachauri. Relevant information and documentation can be found on here.

Consultations and decisions in preparation of the 5th Assessment

Following completion of the 4th Assessment Report the IPCC Chair developed a discussion paper on "Some issues related to the future of the IPCC". Governments, observer organizations and authors which have contributed to IPCC work during the 4th assessment process were invited to submit their comments:

The comments received were collated and synthesized for consideration and decision by the Twenty-Eighth Session of the IPCC (Budapest, Hungary, 9-10 April 2008)

Consultations and documents in preparation of the 4th Assessment

Consultations and documents in preparation of the 3rd Assessment